Implementation of Electrical Systems
Audi Hungaria - Győr, Hungary
Photo: Audi
Inplementation of Electrical Systems
Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing - Kecskemét, Hungary Photo: Péter Schneider
Inplementation of Electrical Systems
Greenhouse - Budapest, Hungary
Photo: Péter Huber

About Us

Kód KFT was established in 1991. KÓD is a family owned company. In the beginning, its scope of activities covered implementation of power electrical systems and automation of cold storages. From 1998, professional design, installation and maintenance of general electronic systems were also added to its activities.

In response to market demands, further services were included in 2002: assembly of light- and temperature control units for domestic and commercial refrigerators, custom production of cables and cable harnesses as well as serial production of standardized control cabinets for international business partners in the fields of refrigeration and automobile industry.

Responsibility has always been a high priority in the organizational policy all along the company's 21-year history. In the past two decades, the company has gathered experience in construction projects of practically all types of buildings and technologies. At present KÓD employs 350 permanent employees and external contractors. Over 35 of them are engineers and software engineers with great experience to customize the projects to be implemented . As a proof of success, the company could still preserve its independence even among the hectic market conditions of the Eastern- and Central European region.

Through the development of a unique quality control system, the company's experienced professional team earned the respect of various important actors on the market like Electrolux, Carrier, Emerson, Alstom or Sematic Group. These companies are our satisfied customers ever since.
Further corporate members of the Kód group are: Elektrokód, Secfone and Navayo.

As you can see in our references, the Kód team has much valuable experience in building construction and technology and has participated in several complex construction projects. Our profit and financial stability serve as the necessary guarantee and background so we can perform our work to meet the highest demands. These also enable us not only to manage our existing departments, but to constantly develop and expand the scope of the company's activities and thus win increasing shares on the international market.

Kód KFT is an excellent choice, since our employees possess all the skills and commitment necessary for dynamic growth and development. We use modern technologies to guarantee reliable operation. Our team is also aware of the opportunities in research and development and keeps customizing our services to the special needs of the customers.

Strategy, Vision, Dynamism

Our strategic goal is to satisfy the needs that emerge on the market to the fullest possible extent, on the highest possible level, in a quick, reliable and flexible manner. And while we are constantly striving to strengthen our cooperation with our existing business partners, we are keen on earning the trust of new domestic and foreign partners as well.
Our goal is to become a decisive electrical company in Central and Eastern Europe and to become a leader on the Eastern European market in the production of distribution cabinets. Of course, we are still striving to preserve and even strengthen our financial independence and stability.
Not only do we have the competence to implement systems or complex solutions, but we offer long-term collaboration with additional services as well, which grants sustainable safety and cost saving to our customers even after the warranty period has expired.

Quality management

  • ISO 9001
  • NATO AQAP 2120
  • ISO/TS 16949
  • ISO 14001

Why KÓD Kft?

  • Responsible corporate culture for 22 years
  • Professionals with 10 years of experience in average
  • Dynamic growth and stable future
  • We can ensure the necessary bank guarantee and financial background for our work
  • Headcount of 400
  • Serious facility- and technology-related references
  • A team of power electrical, electronic and BMS design professionals
  • Large scale switch- and control cabinet production
  • Highly experienced professional staff: 40 engineers and technicians
  • Considerable experience in managing subcontractors in similar complex projects
  • Successful research and development in the field of communication security
  • Professional procurement team with experience gained at multi-national companies located in the EU, the USA and the Far East
  • Communication in English and German
  • Considerable experience in the implementation of similar projects

Experience in the implementation and operation of critical systems:

  • Security energy supply (dual intake, diesel, UPS)
  • Fire alarm system: many thousands of intelligent devices
  • On-line connection with the fire department
  • Implementation and operation of explosive systems
  • Implementation and operation of remote surveillance systems

Implementation of Electrical Systems

The implementation of electrical projects – as the core activity of the company – has a history of over two decades. Today electrical projects are constantly enhanced with new activities as well. The team of engineers and project managers is mainly specialized in the implementation of project structures related to turnkey electrical- and automatic building systems, which include the identification of unique needs, the elaboration and planning of solutions, as well as project management, getting the necessary permits, delivery and planned maintenance activities. The overall floor space of the electrical implementation projects Kód has participated in measures up to over 721,000 m2 so far.

Office buildings

  • Green House (38,000 m2) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Light Corner (13,600 m2) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Népliget Center (power electrical and electronic systems, 26,000 m2) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Óbuda Gate office building (25,000 m2) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Raiffeisen Bank, Késmárk utca (14,000 m2) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Science Park (16,000 m2) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Telenor GSM Information Technology facility (implementation of power electrical and electronic systems, building surveillance, partial IT network implementation, 35,000 m2) – Törökbálint (HUN)

Industrial facilities

  • Audi G40 (full implementation 9,000 m2) – Győr (HUN)
  • Audi G80 (full implementation 90,000 m2) – Győr (HUN)
  • Debrecen National Instruments (10,000 m2) – Debrecen (HUN)
  • Egis Gyógyszergyár (Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC) (28,000 m2) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Electrolux (relocation of production lines from Denmark to Hungary, 15,000 m2) – Nyíregyháza (HUN)
  • Electrolux Nyíregyháza (factory and office, 44,000 m2) – Nyíregyháza (HUN)
  • Festo (office and storage, 15,000 m2) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Daimler plant in Kecskemét (implementation of power electrical systems; three buildings, a total area of 18,0000 m2) – Kecskemét (HUN)
  • Lemo (development of the entire supply chain of the building and the production, 5,000 m2) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Nolato (6,000 m2) – Jászberény (HUN)

Residential buildings

  • Central Park (340 apartment houses) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Semiramis House (158 apartment houses) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Zöldváros ("Green City") (240 apartment houses) – Budapest (HUN)

Special solutions

  • 3 stops of Metro line 4 (Gellért tér, Móricz Zsigmond Körtér, Tétényi úti, a total area of 39,000 m2) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Auchan Solymár (full refrigerator system, 12,000 m2) – Solymár (HUN)
  • Csiki-Bege (car storage facility, 15,000 m2) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Electroworld – Budaörs, Budakalász, Soroksár, Dunakeszi (HUN)
  • Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal B/2 (6,000 m2, in cooperation with Skanska) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Waste incineration plant (Budapest, implementation of intelligent regulation- and control system) – Budapest (HUN)
  • IKEA (renewal and enlargement of the center at Örs Vezér tér, while ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the store; 45,000 m2) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Embassy of Canada (8,000 m2) – Budapest (HUN)
  • Media Center Campona (37,000 m2) – Budatétény (HUN)
  • New fuel refinery of the MOL group (4,100 m2) – Százhalombatta (HUN)


  • Installation of medium voltage power supply with UPS system and 0.4 kV power distribution
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Building Control Systems
  • Lighting Control
  • Fire alarm- and safety lighting (with on-line connection to the fire department)
  • Camera- and access control systems (CCTV)
  • Technological automation (production lines and explosive systems)
  • 24/7 maintenance and remote surveillance services provided from several locations in Hungary

Facility Management

The regional maintenance centers of KÓD KFT provide continuous electric power supply to the facilities of our customers and ensure reliable operation of the electrical equipment of our contracted partners through the most important business- and industrial sites of Hungary. At present, our affiliates for electrical systems maintenance, operation and surveillance services cover the contracted areas of the Budapest, Jászberény and Nyíregyháza regions.

Our Maintenance Center in Budapest performs 24/7 maintenance and technical monitoring of the electrical network and equipment of office buildings, malls, logistic bases, industrial facilities, residential complexes, banks and other buildings equipped with intelligent building surveillance systems operated by our contracted partners in the city and its agglomeration. Our activity involves the regular electrical maintenance of the main pieces of power electrical equipment of buildings and sites (medium voltage transformer cells, 10 and 20 kV and 0.4 kV main distributor and phase correction equipment, high output diesel generators, uninterruptible safety power supplies (UPS)) , as well as of electrical distributor cabinets, outdoor and indoor lighting and transmission networks. Furthermore, it covers the surveillance, maintenance and repair of low current systems (building surveillance-, access control- and alarm systems, camera- and fire alarm networks, etc.) as well.

With many years of professional experience in the industry, our colleagues in the Jászberény Maintenance Center also perform regular maintenance, continuous operation and renewal jobs of power electrical and low current systems. In the Jászberény region, our most significant partner is Electrolux Lehel KFT. We grant the reliable and continuous operation of a large quantity of production equipment on its industrial site of many hectares. Our activities cover the full spectrum of products from simple relay devices through programmable PLC control systems to process control systems of multiple computers.
Backed by all the professional experience gathered along the years and by our assembled professional workforce, we can keep on expanding the scope of our activities as well as our operational area. Following customer demands, we perform maintenance of electrical machinery and equipment and full recovery and modernization of technically or technologically obsolete machinery and equipment control all over the country. Furthermore, we also implement custom technological equipment suitable for special requirements and industrial process control systems, from the planning phase to the installation of complete systems. On demand we manage full renewal of industrial machinery and equipment as well, in cooperation with our service provider partners.

Our 24/7 monitoring service and the continuous availability of the systems monitored therein earned the respect of our partners. In our monitoring service centers, the operation of our customers’ technical equipment or safety and security systems (remote surveillance of fire alarm systems, energy supply systems, explosive technologies, key production equipment, etc.) is monitored by reliable automatic data gathering and surveillance systems and a professional team of engineers on duty. Our colleagues in the monitoring service centers answer incoming customer calls, and in cooperation with regional maintenance centers, they take immediate action to solve problems immediately when necessary, on each day of the year, 24 hours a day.

Our references

  • Airport Hotel – Budapest (HUN)
  • ARC – Budaörs (HUN)
  • Auchan – Csömör, Szigetszentmiklós, Óbuda (HUN)
  • Bank Center – Budapest, (HUN)
  • Daimler plant – Kecskemét (HUN)
  • Electrolux facilities – Nyíregyháza (HUN), Jászberény (HUN)
  • IKEA – Budapest (HUN)
  • Népliget Center – Budapest, (HUN)
  • Zara Hotel – Budapest (HUN)

Supplier Activities

In our Nyíregyháza and Jászberény facilities, our professional team performs the assembly of items to be supplied on an area of 5,400 m2 including storages.
To increase our competitiveness, we use a proprietary quality control system all along our production processes. This provides information about the products to our partners as well as to the management system. The purpose of this is to increase the productivity, safety and efficiency of our customers.


  • Cable cutting
  • Stripping of multi-core cables
  • Production of crimps
  • Production of cable harnesses
  • Assembly of printed circuit panels and programming, using ESD protection
  • Full function tests of products on demand
  • Lean manufacturing of large quantities for complex mechanical assembly

Production of fittings

Our production facility for fittings was launched in January 2002, as an outsourced department of the Jászberény industrial facility of Electrolux for the assembly of electrical components. It started with around 100 employees, many of whom are still working at our company. As we kept on satisfying the increasing demands of our partners to the highest possible extent and our productivity was continuously increasing, several further activities were added to our initial activity of supplying electrical components, like custom wiring or production of standard and custom control cabinets.
Beside our experienced engineers and technicians, the key of our success is that we satisfy the demands of our customers to the most possible extent and in accordance with the highest quality standards.

What all of our products have in common – let it be a simple lighting in a fridge or a control cabinet with many thousands of connection points – is that they are all constructed by responsible engineers and technicians who are all focused on and dedicated to mapping the needs of the customers and realizing those in production. Upon preparing production documentation, our experienced professionals are not only extra careful to clarify all faults or ambiguous marks or descriptions (if any), but they also make recommendations to the customer for rationalization and cost efficiency. And this attitude is a clear proof of the proficiency our partners respect about us. Another common trait all our products share is that each and every cable harness and other pieces of equipment are tested both against our internal standards and customer demands.

Custom wiring

Initially we processed wires and cables to serve our own needs. Now we do not only produce for ourselves but for our partners as well. Depending on load, production is performed in two or three shifts. Since we work with an ever expanding pool of the most modern machinery (Komax, Schleuninger), we can manage to cut or strip wires and cables of diameters ranging from 0.2 to 35 mm2, to fix connectors or plugs on cable ends, perform custom labelling, tagging or even doubling. And with more than 20 pcs of Schleuninger and Stocko automatic jacking machines, we manage to process a huge number of connectors. We guarantee excellent quality by monitoring each process along production.
Since we constantly keep on developing our machinery and equipment according to customer needs, so does the variety of our processed and supplied cables keep growing as well.

Assembly of fittings

First, we purchase the components we need for production from domestic and European suppliers. Then, we assemble them on our production cells which were developed by the principles of Lean manufacturing. The next step is testing our products with our proprietary electric measuring system, providing them with unique barcodes for identification, and finally, packaging them according to customer specifications. Printed circuit boards (PCB) are produced in an environment secured by ESD protection. We use a proprietary visualization system for production, which gives on-line feedback to our workers on the results of their work and also provides data for the management system.

Production of standardized control cabinets

There is an increasing demand for the production of control cabinets for industrial refrigerators and other equipment both on the domestic market and on international level. Keeping up with this trend, our monthly production output measures up to 900 pcs of medium sized control cabinets. But of course, it is not all about production: each time we send our partner a quote with specific details within 24 hours, and (in case of an appropriate prior notice), we supply the control cabinet within 15 days. We test each control cabinet for its connections and from orders exceeding 10 pieces, we randomly pick a cabinet and inspect it "to the last bolt and nut". Due to this practice, we constantly receive high quality scores from our partners. However, the best feedback is our long history of cooperation with our partners on an ever expanding scale.

Production of electrical equipment

Beside serial production of standardized cabinets for our own purposes and for other companies, we produce special custom distribution- and control cabinets as well.
The quality of the equipment produced by us is ensured by our highly qualified team of engineers working on the preparation phase and our experienced technicians and electricians as well as the automated preparation of distribution panels, our self-manufactured custom wiring and full functional testing (when necessary). We supply the pieces of equipment with relevant measurement protocol and documentation on demand.

Our clients:

Alstom – Oberentfelden (SUI),
Aix-les-Bains (FRA)

Artesyn – Nove Mesto (SVK), Gavle (SWE)

Carrier – Jászárokszállás (Hungary), Beroun, Myto (Czech Republic)

Electrolux – Nyíregyháza (HUN),
Jászberény (HUN),
Satu Mare (ROU),
Suzegana (ITA),
Motala (SWE)

Emerson – Nove Mesto (SVK),
Tognana (ITA)

Sematic Group – Nyíregyháza (HUN),
Barnsley (GBR)


Research and Development

The purpose of the research and development activity of Kód KFT is to improve the quality of its existing products as well as to develop marketable new products.

Quality improvement.


AirImage is a controlling system for gathering measurement data. A system may consist of one or more (max. 16) AirImage devices connected in a network and communicating with each other via encrypted channels. Configuration can be completed using the AirImage application which processes measurement data and forwards them to the control units of the equipment. Its field of application can be temperature- or ventilation control.

No TCP/IP network settings are required to the implementation of the AirImage network, not even an IP address! To implement a network, only an encryption key needs to be set on each device which needs to be the same for all devices that communicate with each other within the network.

The AirImage device is capable of making measurements through its analogous inputs, gathering measurement data, and controlling devices through its digital outputs based on the measurement data.

In its present setup, the AirImage system consists of two types of devices. The first type is a plastic-covered device. This device does not have a controlling function, it is only capable of making measurements. For this purpose, four sensors (temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and airborne particle counter) are built in it.

The other type is an OEM device which can be built in any equipment as a control panel. The device has 8 inputs and 3 outputs, any of which can be used either for measuring or controlling. Plus, it can receive data via the network from the first type of device with the four sensors.

Both the hardware and software of the above products are products of our own research and development. Their basis is an embedded target computer with Linux operating system and an operating software which was developed using the Java programming language, therefore it can run on many PC platforms.

Quality improvement


The IMFR system is a proprietary software to support the final testing of electrical components.


A system for measuring and displaying the efficiency of production. It enables the constant monitoring of production quality and the implementation of necessary actions. The system is constructed with a proprietary software which processes the data supplied by the production equipment.


A dispatcher support system for receiving and processing incoming messages of alarm systems via telephone lines, capable of displaying the data of alarms as well.


Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is a high priority and an integral part of the corporate strategy of Kód KFT. Keeping this in mind, not only do we keep all the laws and regulations relevant to our products or activities, but we are also highly devoted to the constant improvement of our environmental efficiency. To achieve this goal, we constantly keep on assessing and analysing environmental factors and impacts, and we determine the necessary corrective and preventive actions according to their priority.

In order to provide a framework for our environment protection activities and to meet the criteria of constant development, one of the main objectives of Kód KFT is the implementation of the ISO 14001:2005 Environmental Management System.

We ensure the environmentally conscious attitude of our employees by providing them trainings on environmental protection and using adequate internal communication.

Environmental protection appears as a high priority task in all fields and individual processes of Kód KFT's activity. Minimizing environmental load, using alternative energy resources and processing the raw materials we use in the most environmentally friendly way – these guidelines all make up an integral part of our corporate philosophy.